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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


As we face a Brave New World with an unfiltered reality TV star, loose cannon, “camp” businessman as POTUS, one really can’t know what to expect.  Things will be “different” for sure, as Julian Assange said.  The Orange One is most certainly an establishment figure, contrary to the belief of the common folk who voted for him in the belief that he is neither corrupt nor elitist. 

They have a surprise coming when they figure out what many of us have known about him for decades.  He is for himself and his private interests only, despite what he’s proclaimed to the contrary (like every other lying politician).  It continues to fall upon the good people of the United States to do their part to uphold the constitution, to see that it is not eroded further by the Corporatocracy, which frankly, is finally in decline.

As the people of planet Earth, and in specific, the American people, awaken, a new era of peace and harmony shall be launched, and will grow out of the “ashes” of the chaos we are currently witnessing.

What can you do?  Don’t get mad.  Get even.  And when I say “even” I mean balance the scales of justice.  Speak your truth.  Stand up for what is right.  Buck the tide.  To the best of your ability do not succumb to bitterness and cynicism.  Despite what is wrong with our government and society, getting angry only contributes to the darkness we are trying to diminish. 

I just watched the documentary SILENCED which outlines the cases of CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, NSA whistleblower Tom Drake, and Justice Department ethics attorney whistleblower Jesselyn Radack.  They, along with CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, Bradley/Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange stand as shining examples of people willing to speak truth to power.  They have taken hits for doing so.  They and their families have paid a huge price by bucking the tide. Many others, like Seth Rich, have been killed. 

But the persistence of brave women and men has worked its magic.  The castle is being shaken to its core.  Our work is succeeding.  It’s time to forge ahead.

This is the period of the Great Awakening.  People are coming out of slumber.  Turning off the TV, connecting with other men and women, starting to actively think instead of allowing them selves to be manipulated by the “machine”.

So what is this machine?  I’ll keep it simple (and vague) and just say that it is a dark conscious energy comprised of the low vibrations of fear, selfishness and greed.  It does not operate at the level of love, so it exhibits no compassion for sentient life.  It has no sense of right or wrong, only fulfilling its selfish agenda.  It appears these days as the 1%, the Corporatocracy, the ruling class.  It’s been around for thousands of years on this planet, but it is only now becoming visible to the masses.  It is known as The New World Order.  Their goal?  One world government, one currency.  Total domination of Mother Earth, her resources, her animals, and her people.  They made great headway, but have been thwarted by forces both human, extra-terrestrial, and divine.  They have already failed, though they refuse to cede the thrown they stole.  That being said, we’ve got a heck of a mess to clean up on Earth, much work to do to build a beautiful new world that serves all her inhabitants, and honors the Mother herself.

I created a meditation/visualization support Mother Earth’s healing, for Her vibration is rising, along with the population’s.

The visualization is empowering in great part due to its playful aspect.  The lighter we feel, the more powerful we are.  When we are angry or in fear, our vibration is lower, and therefore becomes part of the problem, not the solution.  Think of low vibration energy as emotional smog. The solution is to raise the Spiritual Light Quotient of the entire planet by raising our Individual Spiritual Light Quotients.  That means resolving your personal issues, processing your emotions, and evolving. 

As you heal and raise your vibration, so does Mother Earth.  You impact all those around you by doing this.  Just as a grumpy person can bring you down if you let them, so can a person of peace and confidence invite you to join in their happy vibration.

To start, take a deep breath and ask your body to relax.  You are coming in to your power, shaking off the stresses of the day and any worries that things are not as they should be.  We are taking our places as Planetary Healers.  Revel in knowing that you are powerful.  And that you are not alone.

Breathe deeply again, and relax even more fully.


When you smile, you send amazing physical and emotional signals throughout your body telling it everything is okay.  Everything IS okay.  And is about to become more so.

Visualize yourself in a happy place.  You are alone in your magical workshop.  Out in nature, in outer space, or deep in the interior of your mind.  It’s your call.  

Visualize Mother Earth floating in front of you, the size somewhere between a basketball and a yoga ball.  Feel her presence.  She is sentient.  She is alive, beautiful and powerful.  Use the images of Earth as photographed from outer space to help you perceive her grandeur. 

Now start to play.  I picture her suspended on a string, and then I dip her in a flea bath.  Maybe it starts to fizz, like we’re purifying her in hydrogen peroxide.  Just know that whatever antiseptic you suspend her in, it is getting rid of all the low vibration vermin that have plagued her for centuries.  See her face.  The visualization can be like a cartoon now.  She is breathing a huge sigh of relief as the dirt and darkness is released from her crust.  The poisons, toxins, and radiation.  The pain, suffering and despair all come out in the wash. 

Now, we’re going to give her a nice shampoo.  This is a happy bath.  Happiness raises your vibration, and hers.  Happiness heals.  You are healing Mother Earth right now with the power of your loving intentions.  Thoughts are real.

I see her smiling as I massage her scalp with a magical, organic shampoo.  It erases the past, the pain, the poisons, both physical and emotional from the slate.   She’s enjoying this tremendously.  Boy is she grateful.  Boy, does she love you.  As I shampoo her a second time, she gets happier and happier.  I rinse the suds off with pure, spring water.  You can “condition” her with love and peace, and give her a spritz of organic rosewater, if you like.  How about some iridescent fairy dust as a finishing touch?

Run with my idea and make it yours, see where your imagination takes you. 

Now, I hold my hands on either side of her and send my love and healing energy into her to seal this ritual cleansing.  Feel your own power.  Connect with the energy in your sacred heart and feel it extend throughout your entire body.  You are glowing.  Glowing with confidence, glowing with peace.  You are in your beauty and fullness if female, your handsomeness and strength, if male.  Feel the magnificence of “the peace that passeth all understanding”.  Breathe it in.  Know that you are powerful enough to help Mother Earth in her time of transformation, of evolving into a higher dimension, a new experience of life on Earth.  You are a Guardian of Earth.  

We are entering an era of “1000 years of peace” (it better be longer after all we’ve been through!)

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Like any birth, there will be birth pangs.  Blood, muck, seeming chaos.  The old dies with the birth of the new.  Life is constantly shedding its own skin in order to transform.  We are all Mother Earth’s midwives as she passes through this portal of the Golden Age.  We are our own midwives and caretakers as we invite growth and tend to our needs, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Know Your Power.  Know Your Truth. Know Your Self.

An “accidental tourist”, I attended the Women’s March on 1/21/17 in New York City.  I’m not into crowds, or protests, but my neighborhood was swarmed with the participants, and when I popped my head out into the warm day, the sun burning off the morning’s gloomy haze, I got caught up in the excitement and positive energy of women coming together to do this thing.  I grabbed my dog and we launched on a three hour expedition to Central Park, which was divinely peaceful and uninhabited.  Getting there and back allowed me to be amongst protestors swarming Second Avenue near the United Nations, then catching up with them again as they filled Fifth Avenue and flanked Trump Tower into the night.

The energy was extraordinarily empowering and positive.  I didn’t sense anger.  It was the focused intention of mostly women, predominantly young, some with their men, their kids, and their friends.  There were gay men and women, and a “Grandma For Peace” wearing pink, bundled up in her wheelchair.  It felt like New Year’s Eve, but better, because it stood for something very, very specific.  People speaking up for themselves.  “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights.” read a sign,  “Stop the Vagina Donalogues” read another.  “Shed walls, don’t build them” accompanied a drawing of a uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.  “Shatter the Patriarchy”.

The Divine Feminine’s energy has been sorely underrepresented for thousands of years on this planet.  So has the Divine Masculine.  The violent and imbalanced energy of the egocentric male has dominated Planet Earth, inflicting pain, poison and the destruction of Her pristine beauty we see today. 

But the tide has turned.  The pendulum is swinging back to center.  Men and women must activate the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within themselves, in equal measure.  We each contain our opposite within, both male and female qualities, and our mastery requires that we activate, empower and balance both.  When men and women are balanced within them selves, they will have healthier and balanced relationships with each other, whether gay or straight.  We will also have a healthier relationship with our planet, solar system, and ET neighbors. 

There is order in the Universe.  Great beauty abounds because everything works in concert with everything else.  There are laws that govern how.  Call it science, call it God (I say God is a genius and science is proof of that) it is time that mankind get in touch with its divine, intergalactic roots and work in harmony with the planet, to cease raping and pillaging her like a resource to be used instead of respecting her as the Sacred Sentient Being that makes our physical lives possible.  Women have been similarly been perceived over the millennia as a resource.  Homemakers, mothers, and servants to be used by men.  As women come into their own, men also come into their own, as evolved and balanced human beings, humble, compassionate and wise. 

Herein lies our salvation, and Planet Earth’s resurrection.

© All Rights Reserved, Valerie Gilbert 2017

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