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Sunday, May 14, 2017


So, I had this dream. 

It felt like a nightmare, although it involved nothing more sinister than a napkin.  A yellow napkin, made of paper.  The scene was as follows: I was rushing off to a party (yippee!) when a gal I went to high school with, Susie Sunshine (yes, her real name), came up to me with the napkins in question.  I was reluctant to stop, and told her I didn’t have time, but there I stood, impatiently hearing her out while she rambled on and refused to shut up.

In real life I’m very good at disengaging from needy people because I believe people should take care of themselves.  I’m not talking about being heartless.  But many folk don’t take responsibility for their own well-being and take advantage of softies who don’t know how to say no. There are users who will glom on to you until kingdom come.  I don’t allow that.  It’s important to set boundaries. We all have our own work to do in life. You can’t carry someone else’s burden, nor should you when it’s their karma to deal with.  Sometimes it takes a while to figure out that someone has an underlying agenda.  I’m not against being helpful, generous or kind when the spirit moves you. I’m talking about being compulsively "nice", avoiding users, manipulators, and parasites who refuse to carry their own load, or dump their neuroses on you.  I learned from my mom, “The duty of another is full of danger”.

At any rate, I’m itching to get moving in the dream but I’m now accommodating
Ms. "Sunshine" by handling her problematic napkins.  They had a few smudges and blemishes on them, a touch of lipstick here, a bit of food there.  A few looked like they’d been unfolded, and could benefit from pressing and refolding to become presentable again.  I took a napkin and started folding it. Despite my desire to get cracking and go to my party (!) there I stood obliging someone with an incredibly trivial “problem”. I realize she’s not stopping talking and has no intention of ever stopping talking.  I simply must go.

So, I go.  And wake up.

The first thing that came to mind in analyzing this dream (which left me with a cloying, queasy feeling) was that these yellow napkins were nearly identical to a collection of unblemished, large, square yellow napkins that I inherited from my senior neighbor Shirley, who left my apartment building nearly a year ago to move into an independent living community.  I had just used up her last napkin a few days ago.

The feeling from the dream was “sticky”, as this dream woman was clinging to me when I was trying to escape (while we were not friends in high school, the real Susie was “sunshiny” and smiley).   I couldn’t understand what the dream signified for me.  Until I opened the morning’s email, and all become crystal clear. 

My innocent yellow “nightmare” didn’t have to do with my old neighbor, Shirley.  It had to do with my current author, Sherrey, for whom I had just narrated a third audio book. Even their names are similar, which is how psychic messages work.  It’s like playing charades: “sounds like….”.  Her books heavily featured yellow sticky notes (Shirley’s yellow napkins) and baked sticky buns (the cloying, sticky feeling my dream left me with).  Sherrey is very upbeat and super friendly, not unlike Susie Sunshine, so all the names and analogies were perfect.

I had just completed production on her audio book when the author emailed a new list of excerpts she had revised and wanted me to rerecord.   During prior productions this author had frequently changed her mind about the most trivial of things pertaining to her writing, requiring ongoing redos on my part.  Unless I’ve made a mistake, rerecording is not standard business practice in audio book production.  A book is expected to be edited and complete by the time it moves to audio production. Redos also cut into my compensation as I’m paid by the finished product, not by the hour. My stomach sank when I saw her new list of requests. The dream was prescient.  

During recording of the previous two books I’d narrated for her, I nearly lost my mind trying to field her ongoing requests and rewrites, keeping them to a minimum, and had set ever more substantial boundaries to safeguard my sanity.

My subconscious collated sugary Sherrey, neighbor Shirley (come to think of it, she also used to cling to me with numerous requests for help, to which I always acquiesced!), and dredged up Susie Sunshine from the past to ice the cake.   Yellow napkins, yellow sticky notes, and sugary sticky buns were all signposts pertaining to the issue. 

With this latest list of requests for changes, the clingy, cloying author was “sticking” to me, all right.  Once I figured it all out, I was relieved, as well as amused.  I explained that I had already gone through one pass of agreed upon changes for her, but that I had not agreed to a second pass.  Boundaries.  I was relieved.  She was not.  I was delighted with the accuracy of my “early warning detection” dream, as well as my decision to maintain strong boundaries.

Being psychic, I’ll dream of little things that I see hours later in waking life.  These visions make me smile, for they confirm that my intuitive energies and connection to Spirit is active.   For example, I dreamt of 1) a very poufy, tufted Afro on a father and son, 2) some loose change on the ground that I picked up, and 3) pussy willows someone had picked the buds off of.   Petty stuff. 

I saw a kid the next day with the very Afro I’d dreamt about, and later on a grown woman in Central Park.  On the way to Central Park with my dog I saw a beautiful, abandoned bouquet of orchids mixed with pussy willows.  Neither plant is common.  They were pristine, lying on top of a construction site dumpster, so I decided to pick them up when we returned from our jaunt to the park so I didn’t have to schlep them around.  While in the park, I found a quarter in the grass. Returning home, I swung by the orchids and pussy willows but someone had already taken them.  A single pussy willow branch remained, with only a few buds, as if it had been “picked clean”.  The items were not important in and of themselves, only that I had precognitively “seen” them. These small, specific examples are not accidental when seen twice within a few hours, once in the dream state, then again in 3D life.  It’s a form of synchronicity.

Learn to analyze your dreams by keeping paper and pen by the bed.  As you make the concerted effort to recall and record them, your dream memory will grow stronger. You are establishing contact with your subconscious, your spiritual guides, and your higher self when you set the intention to remember, and learn from the symbols that are being shared with you. Ponder your dreams as I have, above.   The more you do it, the better you'll get.  

The Spirit realm is subtle in nature.  You have to learn how to still and center yourself, then listen and see with inner ears and eyes.  Spirit messages are also often symbolic, and not necessarily verbal.  Learn to think in code.  Everyone has a different system.  No one will be better at interpreting your dreams, your symbols, than you. Learn to develop and trust your intuition.  Trust your feelings.  Trust yourself.  You are a delicious mystery waiting to be explored, and there is Help available to you, from Above, and Within.

© 2017 Valerie Gilbert All Rights Reserved

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Valerie is the author of RAVING VIOLET, MEMORIES, DREAMS AND DEFLECTIONS, and SWAMI SOUP.  The books are available in print, e-book, and audio, narrated by the author.  BRILLIANCE BREWING, Valerie's 4th book, will be released in August 2017. 

Valerie leads psychic development/guided meditation/past life regression/personal growth workshops in New York City, and privately.  A healer, psychic, medium, and channel, you may book private sessions through her website.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017



He’s pissing off Republicans.  He’s pissing off Democrats.  He’s pissing off everybody, including the people who voted for him.  It’s starting to dawn on them that Trump, despite the bluntness and political incorrectness that initially set him apart, is no different from any other politician who makes idle promises to get into office.

If you hate him, I don’t have to tell you what’s wrong with him.  And if you love him, you’re probably not reading this. 

After hating him for decades, and passionately supporting first Bernie Sanders, then Jill Stein, I never thought I'd say these words:  I'm glad Trump won.  He's a slap in the face to citizens and government officials alike, and is rattling America to its core. America is facing its comeuppance for being an overblown bully and pushing other countries around for decades.  Kinda like Trump's shameless bluster and bravado with his name slapped on every damn building.  It's payback time.  Time to right the wrongs,  to do right by our citizens, and the rest of the world.  It's time to start over. 

Donald Trump as President is akin to having Dennis the Menace in the White House, you can’t take your eyes off him for a second.  Like any toddler, he needs to be supervised constantly, not by the Secret Service, but by the American people. 

Donald Trump is a “heyoka” (backwards, crazy) hero.   Not everyone can see it, but that’s okay.  He is doing his job, bringing about the destruction of the American government, which has been so corrupt for so long that it shouldn’t take much to pull the house of cards down.  It’ll just take a couple of huffs and puffs from the big orange wolf to finish the job.

“Sometimes you need to break the tradition to keep the tradition alive and the accepted tradition breaker is the clown.”  Hopi scholar Michael Kaboti

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our very own clown, destined to wreak havoc on the United States Government.  

He’s so off the charts with his words and deeds that his “presidency” is forcing people to confront the fact that the emperor is wearing no clothes.  He’s mostly hot air and, as such, excels at pushing peoples’ buttons with his outrageous pronouncements.  He’s so bad, it’s good.  Trump’s presidency is the call to arms necessary to jump-start the Revolution that is now in play.

“I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE THE GUY THAT PISSED OFF ALL THESE WOMEN” read a hand-written poster at the women’s march on 1/21/17.  Trump has whipped up a hornet’s nest of frenzy, female and otherwise.

The fact that he has no filter is a good thing. I believe all presidents since Jimmy Carter have been puppets of the Shadow Government, the Deep State (do research to find out what that is if you don’t know).  Trump is no different, except that he’s a loose cannon.  Hillary became uncontrollable too, toward the end of the race, with her failing health making public appearances a very hit or miss thing.

So, this revolution thing. The women’s march is a case in point. I thought it was stupid, initially.  Why protest something generalized like an election outcome?  Why not stand with the water protectors at Standing Rock, or fund Planned Parenthood and the ACLU (which many, many have done, donating unprecedented figures). I also figured the march was comprised mostly of frustrated HRC supporters, and I was decidedly not one of them, being fervently, and newly Green.  But the march turned out to be much bigger than any one issue. 

I had no intention of participating but I live near the nexus, not far from the UN and Trump Tower in NYC, so in peering out that day, there was no avoiding the fact that there was a party-like atmosphere in the air.  

A cold, gray morning started to clear; sun burned off haze and warmed the air.  I took my dog out for several hours to Central Park but we skirted the edges of the march going to and from the park, rubbing shoulders with the women, their friends and families.  It was exhilarating.   Women’s voices were explosively unleashed at the event.  The protest was a declaration of female power.

Signs read: “ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION”,  “SHATTER THE PATRIARCHY”, “STOP THE VAGINA DONALOGUES”,  “SHED WALLS (picture of uterus) DON’T BUILD THEM”, “IT TAKES BIG HANDS TO RUN OUR COUNTRY”,  “KEEP YOUR TINY HANDS OFF MY RIGHTS”, and “THE OPPOSITE OF WAR ISN’T PEACE.  IT’S CREATION.”  One old lady in a wheelchair wore pink and sported a sign, “GRANDMAS FOR PEACE”. By the way, I just learned about a fab organization called "Raging Grannies" on a great show called "The Eccentrics".  Check them both out. 

I’ve never heard a roar of female energy like I did coming from Second Avenue where two full blocks were filled to capacity near the United Nations, and later down Fifth Avenue, just south of Trump Tower, where the massive crowds held their ground as night started to fall.  This was a Vigil.  The air was brimming with energy.  It wasn’t the energy of anger.  It was the energy of fierce determination.  Women claiming their voice.  

My militant friends on Facebook were convinced that the Cabal (“deep state”), HRC and the DNC were behind the protest, but I disagree.  There’s no way to prove an assertion like that, anyway.  And if it is true, it doesn't matter.  What may have started with the intention of creating divisiveness had the exact opposite effect.  It brought people together. The day, like all things in life, meant something different to every woman, man and child who participated.  What was wonderful was that it was happening at all.  People came together in peaceful protest and created an overwhelming wave of positive energy.  For many hours two major avenues in New York City were shut down.    

If Hillary Clinton had won, this congregation of citizens united across the nation would not have happened.  People would have celebrated, others would have gnashed their teeth, but the unprecedented level of outrage experienced in reaction to the election because we now have a profoundly crass, bigoted and sexist Commander in Chief would not have happened.   We’re not just protesting Trump.  We’re protesting everything that’s wrong with our country, with our government.  He’s a convenient and incendiary scapegoat.

I am excited by this “disastrous” presidency and I encourage you to be, too.  Not many people share my view, but people who are “energetically” predisposed, who take into account the ethers, the winds of change, karma and the currents that run under the visible surface understand that great change is afoot, that it is both necessary and good that we have a fire starter in office.  Chaos commences the process of entropy, and from the ashes of the old, the new will be born.  It’s the basis of slash and burn agriculture. Our government needs more than a facelift.  It requires a gut renovation.

Often an “inciting event” is necessary to initiate change, something so big that it ignites an explosion of human activity.  Assassinations, martyrdoms, murders all work very nicely in this regard. Martin Luther King Jr. commented that it was good when the cops started blasting water on blacks in the South because it powerfully illustrated the hideous abuses that were going on, but to which most people had previously paid no mind.  When things get really bad, more people pay attention.   That’s the sad truth.  Most people remain complacent until they are forced out of that passive state, until drama and trauma is deposited at their front step. 

World War I was ignited when a Serbian national assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.  The attack on Pearl Harbor changed America’s isolationist stance overnight.  FDR was already in agreement with Winston Churchill that America must join the fray in Europe.  But he needed the people behind him.  Pearl Harbor gave him that edge.  The war had “hit home”.   

There are plenty of people who sound the alarm early; wise men and women who can read the energy of the times and know enough to do something about it. My grandparents were two such people.  They left Germany well ahead of Hitler’s rise to power because my grandmother said, “The writing was on the wall.”  I asked her, “What writing?”  She said, “Kill the Jews!”  Oh, that writing.  Yeah.  It was pretty clear. 

Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring about the poisoning of the environment in 1962. There are always harbingers of change, those who preemptively sound the call.  All are called but few are chosen.  What does that mean? It means that all are invited to act.  Very few choose to do so.

Some people compare Trump to Hitler and what is happening in this country to WWII.  It ain’t the same.  Not even close.  Yes, there are racists in this country.  That’s not new.  Neither is deportation.  Obama deported three million people. Not many got worked up over that. What’s new is that because of Trump’s controversial personal style we can now see our nation’s problems in sharp focus.  There’s been corruption and pedophilia perpetrated at the highest levels of society and government for a very long time.  Thanks to Wikileaks, more people now know about it.   Everything is coming out in the wash at this time.  It’s the denouement of the play, where things fall apart and come together anew because subterfuge is finally exposed.

Many had their heads in the sand in Germany before and during WWII.  That is not happening with Trump, here, now.  The constant protesting nation wide is proof of that. Protestors have shut down airports, pipeline construction, and city traffic nationwide.

I have two friends, one in real life, one on Facebook, admit to me that they are terrified of what is happening in this country under Trump.  I see the bigger picture.  As a mystic, I feel it.  I feel the energy of revolution and it is beautiful.  One friend said, “People are going to be hurt by Trump’s actions”.   I said, “People are hurting now!  People have been hurting for decades, the unemployed, the uninsured, the homeless, the uneducated, and the imprisoned for starters.”  If Hillary Clinton had won every liberal would remain complacent and oblivious because a “liberal” female was in office, when, in fact, that woman represents a longstanding dynasty of corruption whose insidious evil was finally exposed by Wikileaks.

I know that what is happening now via a disastrous Trump presidency is good, that this chaos is leading to entropy and revolution, which ultimately leads to the building of a new, better government, economy and society.  By the way, the word “disaster” etymologically denotes “from the stars”.  You could even say this mess was "heaven sent".

Liberals were lulled into complacency under Obama, happy that a good-looking, well-educated, well-spoken black man was in office.  But what of his record?  He may have done a few good things while he was in office, but he did a lot of crappy things too that Donald Trump is now taking flack for perpetuating.

Under Obama, Guantanamo was not shut down, as promised, our corrupt, for profit, private prison system exploded, government bailed out Wall Street in 2008, and the US bombed seven countries non-stop for eight years.  His charisma and the color of his skin ensured that few liberals were willing to criticize his policies.  Our politicians have historically been smooth operators with decent vocabularies, perfectly coiffed hair, and PR teams with sufficient skill to finesse the messes emanating from the crooks in office.

The difference between the last administration and this one is that we’re paying attention.   As Julian Assange said, “Obama was a wolf in sheepskin, but Trump is a wolf in wolf skin”.

The worse Trump gets, the better I like him.  Take us to Def Con 5, big boy.  Bring it. Desperate times require desperate action.  The American people need fire under their asses to wake them from their stupor. 

I read a channeled spiritual message that said Trump was doing his job, a good one, and that he "wants to help".  I find it hard to believe that this intention stems from his conscious mind, but from a soul level, it may well be true. He's playing his part to perfection.  He's so atrocious that pushback from the entire country is inevitable. 

Most Americans didn’t know that FDR was crippled with polio.  We also didn’t know that he allowed, perhaps even incited Pearl Harbor, to outrage Americans so they’d seek revenge, reverse their isolationist stance and get behind the war effort.

We know that Trump is a disaster.  We are responding to the call to arms.  Finally.  And I'm lovin' it.

So, thank you, Donald, for being so OBVIOUS.  Thank you for being so outrageous in your pronouncements that you have forced the American people out of slumber and into their jobs as citizens of this country.  That is what our government was designed for.  Individual participation, not passivity.  It demands that we take to bullhorns to ensure our voices be heard, and that we not defer to one, twenty or a thousand politicians to make decisions for us while we watch TV and mow the lawn.

I want a green, thriving economy. A green, bountiful and beautiful land, safe for animals plants and humans alike. A thriving educational system which includes the arts. A new green infrastructure so we can turn around the terrible damage we've done to Mother Earth, and reduce and reverse our carbon footprint. I want organic food from small local farms, and I want to be happy and free. I want green space in which to breathe, and be proud of my country.  I want civil, human rights, a living wage and healthcare for all.  I want happy communities with people supporting and cooperating with each other in peace and joy. I, and many others, hold this vision of the new. 

All hail the man-who-would-be-king as he rings in the end of the American Empire.

It’s time to claim our sovereignty as individuals and forge our freedom once again.

© 2017 Valerie Gilbert,  All Rights Reserved

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Valerie is the author of RAVING VIOLET, MEMORIES, DREAMS AND DEFLECTIONS, and SWAMI SOUP.  The books are available in print, e-book, and audio, narrated by the author.  BRILLIANCE BREWING, Valerie's 4th book, will be released in 2017. 

Valerie leads psychic development/guided meditation/past life regression/personal growth workshops in New York City, and privately.  A healer, psychic, medium, and channel, you may book private sessions through her website.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


As we face a Brave New World with an unfiltered reality TV star, loose cannon, “camp” businessman as POTUS, one really can’t know what to expect.  Things will be “different” for sure, as Julian Assange said.  The Orange One is most certainly an establishment figure, contrary to the belief of the common folk who voted for him in the belief that he is neither corrupt nor elitist. 

They have a surprise coming when they figure out what many of us have known about him for decades.  He is for himself and his private interests only, despite what he’s proclaimed to the contrary (like every other lying politician).  It continues to fall upon the good people of the United States to do their part to uphold the constitution, to see that it is not eroded further by the Corporatocracy, which frankly, is finally in decline.

As the people of planet Earth, and in specific, the American people, awaken, a new era of peace and harmony shall be launched, and will grow out of the “ashes” of the chaos we are currently witnessing.

What can you do?  Don’t get mad.  Get even.  And when I say “even” I mean balance the scales of justice.  Speak your truth.  Stand up for what is right.  Buck the tide.  To the best of your ability do not succumb to bitterness and cynicism.  Despite what is wrong with our government and society, getting angry only contributes to the darkness we are trying to diminish. 

I just watched the documentary SILENCED which outlines the cases of CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, NSA whistleblower Tom Drake, and Justice Department ethics attorney whistleblower Jesselyn Radack.  They, along with CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, Bradley/Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange stand as shining examples of people willing to speak truth to power.  They have taken hits for doing so.  They and their families have paid a huge price by bucking the tide. Many others, like Seth Rich, have been killed. 

But the persistence of brave women and men has worked its magic.  The castle is being shaken to its core.  Our work is succeeding.  It’s time to forge ahead.

This is the period of the Great Awakening.  People are coming out of slumber.  Turning off the TV, connecting with other men and women, starting to actively think instead of allowing them selves to be manipulated by the “machine”.

So what is this machine?  I’ll keep it simple (and vague) and just say that it is a dark conscious energy comprised of the low vibrations of fear, selfishness and greed.  It does not operate at the level of love, so it exhibits no compassion for sentient life.  It has no sense of right or wrong, only fulfilling its selfish agenda.  It appears these days as the 1%, the Corporatocracy, the ruling class.  It’s been around for thousands of years on this planet, but it is only now becoming visible to the masses.  It is known as The New World Order.  Their goal?  One world government, one currency.  Total domination of Mother Earth, her resources, her animals, and her people.  They made great headway, but have been thwarted by forces both human, extra-terrestrial, and divine.  They have already failed, though they refuse to cede the thrown they stole.  That being said, we’ve got a heck of a mess to clean up on Earth, much work to do to build a beautiful new world that serves all her inhabitants, and honors the Mother herself.

I created a meditation/visualization support Mother Earth’s healing, for Her vibration is rising, along with the population’s.

The visualization is empowering in great part due to its playful aspect.  The lighter we feel, the more powerful we are.  When we are angry or in fear, our vibration is lower, and therefore becomes part of the problem, not the solution.  Think of low vibration energy as emotional smog. The solution is to raise the Spiritual Light Quotient of the entire planet by raising our Individual Spiritual Light Quotients.  That means resolving your personal issues, processing your emotions, and evolving. 

As you heal and raise your vibration, so does Mother Earth.  You impact all those around you by doing this.  Just as a grumpy person can bring you down if you let them, so can a person of peace and confidence invite you to join in their happy vibration.

To start, take a deep breath and ask your body to relax.  You are coming in to your power, shaking off the stresses of the day and any worries that things are not as they should be.  We are taking our places as Planetary Healers.  Revel in knowing that you are powerful.  And that you are not alone.

Breathe deeply again, and relax even more fully.


When you smile, you send amazing physical and emotional signals throughout your body telling it everything is okay.  Everything IS okay.  And is about to become more so.

Visualize yourself in a happy place.  You are alone in your magical workshop.  Out in nature, in outer space, or deep in the interior of your mind.  It’s your call.  

Visualize Mother Earth floating in front of you, the size somewhere between a basketball and a yoga ball.  Feel her presence.  She is sentient.  She is alive, beautiful and powerful.  Use the images of Earth as photographed from outer space to help you perceive her grandeur. 

Now start to play.  I picture her suspended on a string, and then I dip her in a flea bath.  Maybe it starts to fizz, like we’re purifying her in hydrogen peroxide.  Just know that whatever antiseptic you suspend her in, it is getting rid of all the low vibration vermin that have plagued her for centuries.  See her face.  The visualization can be like a cartoon now.  She is breathing a huge sigh of relief as the dirt and darkness is released from her crust.  The poisons, toxins, and radiation.  The pain, suffering and despair all come out in the wash. 

Now, we’re going to give her a nice shampoo.  This is a happy bath.  Happiness raises your vibration, and hers.  Happiness heals.  You are healing Mother Earth right now with the power of your loving intentions.  Thoughts are real.

I see her smiling as I massage her scalp with a magical, organic shampoo.  It erases the past, the pain, the poisons, both physical and emotional from the slate.   She’s enjoying this tremendously.  Boy is she grateful.  Boy, does she love you.  As I shampoo her a second time, she gets happier and happier.  I rinse the suds off with pure, spring water.  You can “condition” her with love and peace, and give her a spritz of organic rosewater, if you like.  How about some iridescent fairy dust as a finishing touch?

Run with my idea and make it yours, see where your imagination takes you. 

Now, I hold my hands on either side of her and send my love and healing energy into her to seal this ritual cleansing.  Feel your own power.  Connect with the energy in your sacred heart and feel it extend throughout your entire body.  You are glowing.  Glowing with confidence, glowing with peace.  You are in your beauty and fullness if female, your handsomeness and strength, if male.  Feel the magnificence of “the peace that passeth all understanding”.  Breathe it in.  Know that you are powerful enough to help Mother Earth in her time of transformation, of evolving into a higher dimension, a new experience of life on Earth.  You are a Guardian of Earth.  

We are entering an era of “1000 years of peace” (it better be longer after all we’ve been through!)

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Like any birth, there will be birth pangs.  Blood, muck, seeming chaos.  The old dies with the birth of the new.  Life is constantly shedding its own skin in order to transform.  We are all Mother Earth’s midwives as she passes through this portal of the Golden Age.  We are our own midwives and caretakers as we invite growth and tend to our needs, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Know Your Power.  Know Your Truth. Know Your Self.

An “accidental tourist”, I attended the Women’s March on 1/21/17 in New York City.  I’m not into crowds, or protests, but my neighborhood was swarmed with the participants, and when I popped my head out into the warm day, the sun burning off the morning’s gloomy haze, I got caught up in the excitement and positive energy of women coming together to do this thing.  I grabbed my dog and we launched on a three hour expedition to Central Park, which was divinely peaceful and uninhabited.  Getting there and back allowed me to be amongst protestors swarming Second Avenue near the United Nations, then catching up with them again as they filled Fifth Avenue and flanked Trump Tower into the night.

The energy was extraordinarily empowering and positive.  I didn’t sense anger.  It was the focused intention of mostly women, predominantly young, some with their men, their kids, and their friends.  There were gay men and women, and a “Grandma For Peace” wearing pink, bundled up in her wheelchair.  It felt like New Year’s Eve, but better, because it stood for something very, very specific.  People speaking up for themselves.  “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights.” read a sign,  “Stop the Vagina Donalogues” read another.  “Shed walls, don’t build them” accompanied a drawing of a uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.  “Shatter the Patriarchy”.

The Divine Feminine’s energy has been sorely underrepresented for thousands of years on this planet.  So has the Divine Masculine.  The violent and imbalanced energy of the egocentric male has dominated Planet Earth, inflicting pain, poison and the destruction of Her pristine beauty we see today. 

But the tide has turned.  The pendulum is swinging back to center.  Men and women must activate the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within themselves, in equal measure.  We each contain our opposite within, both male and female qualities, and our mastery requires that we activate, empower and balance both.  When men and women are balanced within them selves, they will have healthier and balanced relationships with each other, whether gay or straight.  We will also have a healthier relationship with our planet, solar system, and ET neighbors. 

There is order in the Universe.  Great beauty abounds because everything works in concert with everything else.  There are laws that govern how.  Call it science, call it God (I say God is a genius and science is proof of that) it is time that mankind get in touch with its divine, intergalactic roots and work in harmony with the planet, to cease raping and pillaging her like a resource to be used instead of respecting her as the Sacred Sentient Being that makes our physical lives possible.  Women have been similarly been perceived over the millennia as a resource.  Homemakers, mothers, and servants to be used by men.  As women come into their own, men also come into their own, as evolved and balanced human beings, humble, compassionate and wise. 

Herein lies our salvation, and Planet Earth’s resurrection.

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Valerie is the author of RAVING VIOLET, MEMORIES, DREAMS AND DEFLECTIONS, and SWAMI SOUP.  The books are available in print, e-book, and audio, narrated by the author.  BRILLIANCE BREWING, Valerie's 4th book, will be released in 2017. 

Valerie leads psychic development/guided meditation/past life regression/personal growth workshops in New York City, and privately.  A healer, psychic, medium, and channel, you may book private sessions through her website.

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